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From what cause I, of course, cannot say. Which do you know?

ALG Got nice neighbours in your part of Shropshire? JACK Perfectly horrid! Never speak to one of them. ALG How immensely you must amuse them! JACK Eh? Yes, of course. Why sligo dating these cups? Why cucumber sandwiches? Why such reckless extravagance in one so young? Who is coming to tea?

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ALG Oh! JACK How perfectly delightful! ALG My dear fellow, the way you flirt with Gwendolen is perfectly disgraceful. It is almost as bad as the way Gwendolen flirts with you. I have come up to town expressly propose to her. ALG I thought you had come up for pleasure? JACK How utterly unromantic you are! It is very romantic to be in love. But there is nothing romantic about a definite proposal.

ALG Got nice neighbours in your part of Shropshire? JACK Perfectly horrid! Never speak to one of them. ALG How immensely you must amuse them!

Why, one may be accepted. One usually is, I believe. Then the excitement is all over. The very essence of romance is uncertainty. The Divorce Court was specially invented for people sligo dating memories are so curiously constituted.

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Divorces are made in Heaven- [Jack puts out his hand to take a sandwich. Algernon at once interferes. They are ordered specially for Aunt Augusta. ALG That is quite a different matter.

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She is my aunt. The bread and butter is for Gwendolen. Gwendolen is devoted to bread and butter.

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JACK [Advancing to table and helping himself. ALG Well, my dear fellow, you need not eat as if you were going to eat it all.

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You behave as if you were married to her already. JACK Why, on earth do you say that? ALG Well, in the first place girls never marry the men they flirt with.

JACK Oh, that is nonsense! It is a great truth.

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It accounts for sligo dating extraordinary number of bachelors that one sees all over the place. JACK Your consent! ALG My dear fellow, Gwendolen is my first cousin. And before I allow you to marry her, you will have to clear up the whole question of Cecily. What on earth do you mean? What do you mean, Algy, by Cecily? Worthing left in the smokingroom the last time he dined here. LANE Yes, sir. I wish to goodness you had let me know.

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I have been writing frantic letters to Scotland Yard about it. I was very nearly offering a large reward. ALG Well, I wish you would offer one. I happen to be more than usually hard up. JACK There is no good offering a large reward now that the thing is found. Algernon takes it at once.

Lane goes out.

It is a very ungentlemanly thing to read a private cigarette case. I simply want my cigarette case back. ALG Your aunt! JACK Yes. Charming old lady she is, too. Lives at Tunbridge Wells. Just give it back to me, Algy. ALG [Retreating to back of sofa.

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Some aunts are tall, some aunts are not tall. That is a matter that surely an aunt may be allowed to decide for herself.

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You seem to think that every aunt should be exactly like your aunt! That is absurd! But why does your aunt call you her uncle? Sligo dating You have always told me it was Ernest. I have introduced you to sligo dating as Ernest. You answer to the name of Ernest.

You look as if your name was Ernest. You are the most earnest looking person I ever saw in my life. Here is one of them. Ernest Worthing, B. Come, old boy, you had much better have the thing out at once. It produces a sligo dating impression.

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ALG Well, that is exactly what dentists always do. Now, go on! Tell me the whole thing. I may mention that I have always suspected you of being a confirmed and secret Bunburyist; and I am quite sure of it now. JACK Bunburyist! What on earth do you mean by a Bunburyist? JACK Well, produce my cigarette case first. ALG Here it is. Now produce your explanation, and pray make it improbable. Old Mr. Thomas Cardew, who adopted me when I was a little boy, made me in sligo dating will guardian to his granddaughter, Miss Cecily Cardew.

Cecily, who addresses me as her uncle from motives of respect that you could not possibly appreciate, lives at my place in the country under the charge of her admirable governess, Miss Prism. ALG Where is that place in the country, by the way?

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JACK That is nothing to you, dear boy. You are not going to be invited.

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I may tell you candidly that the place is not in Shropshire. ALG I suspected that, my dear fellow! I have Bunburyed all over Shropshire on two separate occasions. Now go on. Why are you Ernest in town datând seamănă Jack in the country?

You are hardly serious enough. When one is placed in the position of guardian, one has to adopt a very high moral tone on all subjects. That, my dear Algy, is the whole truth pure and simple.