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But my experience has never proved me wrong: never take rights for granted. Comme le disait Martin Luther King, nos vies commencent à se terminer le jour où nous devenons silencieux à propos des choses qui comptent. Ecco, mi pare assurdo che uno strumento come la convenzione, che dovrebbe unirci in questa battaglia, finisca per dividerci e, a distanza di cinque anni, non siamo ancora arrivati a un risultato, a una soluzione. Just as the wound heals with the new tissue, the skin is almost normal though it feels nothing anymore, so patients remain emotionally scarred afterwards.

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In short, the treating consisted in putting a patient in cast, from the neck to hips like a corset, for span of the year. Immobilized and strapped residents spend their days lying down, observing the world from a distant perspective, wheeled on trolleyes, creating a new species, a mythical creature, half man, half bike.

Their meals resemble participation in some grotesque parody of the ancient feast, and every act of love is reduced to tragicomic acrobatics, the plaster barrier makes it almost impersonal. Dejection and overwhelming sadness, sense of defeat and complete misunderstanding by the rest of the world just pours from this novel.

People who survived the illness and recovered often stayed in the town for the rest of their lives, because no one elsewhere could fully understand them after this experience. La momentul inregistrarii Contului pe Site, Utilizatorul poate opta si pentru primirea unui Newsletter oferte comerciale, invitatii la evenimente, oferte speciale ocazionate de anumite aniversari si alte tipuri de informariprecum si articole din secțiunea We Love.

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  • Max Blecher was born in Jewish family in and being only eighteen went down with spinal tuberculosis and for ten years was a habitué of many French, Swiss and Romanian sanatoriums.

In cazul in care numele de utilizator si parola au fost furate sau compromise, va rugam sa notificati imediat Societatea prin transmiterea unui e-mail la adresa info megamallbucuresti. Contractul va fi considerat ca fiind incheiat in momentul in care Utilizatorul primeste o confirmare in acest sens de la Societate sub forma unui e-mail transmis la adresa mentionata la momentul crearii Contului mentionat la punctul 3.

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These involve complex legal matters on which Member States are seeking more clarity. Nevertheless, we are confident that we will be able to make substantial progress with the proposal for a Council decision on the signing of the Convention. Another meeting is scheduled next week to continue the negotiations.

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For our part, and I think this is most important, we still aim to submit the proposal for the Council decision on the signing of the Convention to the Council in December. Lastly Madam President, I need to apologise for not being able to be here with you until the end of your debate. I will have to leave after the presentation by Commissioner Jourová but, be sure, our colleagues here, and we as a Presidency, will pay attention to it during our last days and weeks in office, and we are still working towards getting an agreement in December.

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Věra Jourová, Member of the Commission. It is a privilege to be here just a few days before — this has already been mentioned several times — the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Viteza datând okc on 25 November, and to give you an overview from the perspective of the Commission, together with the Council Presidency, on heart magic man versiune unică we see the progress towards an EU accession to the Istanbul Convention.

This Conference took place in March shortly after the Commission adopted proposals for the signing and conclusion of the accession to the Convention. Since then, we have put all our efforts behind constructive discussions with the Council to reach political agreement. The Council Presidencies involved have been very successful and useful in facilitating this. We have held in-depth discussions on all legal aspects of the accession, in particular the extent of accession.

We discussed the division of roles between the Member States and the Union in the implementation of the Convention. As you know, the Commission is of the view that EU accession should generate the added value we are seeking to make a difference on the ground.

We want to strengthen and complement the existing framework in a wide range of policy areas. The competences and roles of the Heart magic man versiune unică and Member States are closely intertwined. That is why the EU aims to accede to this Convention in parallel to national ratifications. I seriously hope that we can reach an agreement on the terms of the signing decision within the coming month. We heard from the Presidency that it should be in December.

This would be the best news. Signing this decision would demonstrate the common political will of the Union to be bound by the Convention. We have emphasised since the beginning that only the joint participation of both the EU and the Member States makes sense, legally and registrul județului dating. I am constantly encouraging the Member States to ratify alongside the EU, and the Member States can rely on available European Programmes and funds to help in this process.

I would like to thank the Parliament again for its support and I look forward to its interim report, which will be adopted next year. We will continue to monitor and support the implementation of the existing legal instruments to combat violence against women. I have promised to you several times that we want to devote the year to strengthening combating violence against women, so I am particularly glad to announce to you that, on 25 November, as part of our year of focused actions to combat violence against women, I will launch the promised EU—wide campaign.

My objective is to provide a framework for a coordinated approach and join forces together with you, Member States, the European Institute for Gender Equality, UN Women and other International Organisations, civil society organisations, academia, businesses, trade unions, media and, within the Member States, also with law enforcement authorities, because I said we want to make a change on the ground.

This means that the women will be protected not only by preventive measures, but also — let us face it — by a necessary reaction from the side of criminal justice. During the year of focused actions to combat violence against women, many activities are planned.

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It is a cross-cutting effort and work within the Commission, involving many of my colleague Commissioners and their services. Apart from communication, best practices and experience sharing, it also includes funding. This is a very wide range of different plans and actions and I can only say that I have received a very good reaction from my colleague Commissioners.

With regard to the funding I indicated, the Commission dedicated EUR 4 million from the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme in to support Member States in developing and implementing national practical and targeted information, awareness-raising and educational activities aimed at preventing and combating violence against women. Why do we rely on Member States for this? Simply because violence against women has many different forms in Member States.

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That is why we speak about targeting actions and the Commission provides the funding for this, as well as the unifying logo, slogans, design and many other things.

That is just for you to understand how the campaign will work. Activities will cover all forms of violence against women or focus on specific forms or issues, as relevant. In addition to the EUR 4 million, EUR 6 million will be provided in for transnational grassroots projects to prevent the problem and protect and support victims, under the Daphne strand of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme. This money will go to the organisations — the NGOs — which work on the ground and which can also contribute in a very significant way to the success of this campaign.

I would like to thank the Parliament once again for its support of our endeavours in fighting violence against women. I remain committed to continue informing you in a timely manner on all developments in this area, and of course to invite you to join and participate in our coming campaign.

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Elnök asszony. Annál is inkább fontos ez számunkra, hogy ne csak határozott elképzelésünk legyen, hanem e mögött legyenek források is.

Most a képviselőcsoportok vezérszónokai következnek. C'est une honte absolue. Nous sommes à deux jours du 25 novembre et de la journée internationale dédiée à la lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes et nous nous retrouvons à nouveau ici, dans cet hémicycle de Strasbourg, comme chaque année, à peu près à la même époque et quasiment dans le même type de configuration, les unes et les autres, les uns et les autres, pour déplorer cet état de fait et appeler à la mobilisation.

Cela suffit. Combien d'années encore allons-nous nous retrouver pour déplorer l'aggravation de la situation faite aux femmes? Certes, cette année, nous avons une nouvelle perspective qui est l'adhésion de l'Union européenne à la Convention dite d'Istanbul visant à prévenir et à lutter contre toutes les formes de violences faites aux femmes.

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C'est un acte majeur, un pas en avant significatif extrêmement important qui serait ainsi fait pour une mobilisation, un engagement renforcé concret de l'Union européenne et de ses institutions en faveur de l'élimination des violences faites aux femmes. Ce serait également une pression supplémentaire mise sur les États membres qui, quoique ayant signé cette fameuse convention, ne l'ont pas encore ratifiée ou ne l'ont pas encore concrètement mise en œuvre dans leur pays.

J'appelle donc vraiment instamment la Commission européenne à tout faire pour continuer à mettre la pression — si je puis dire — sur les États membres, afin qu'ils fassent face à leurs responsabilités et qu'ils se mobilisent pour que, ensemble, nous arrivions véritablement à mettre en œuvre des plans concrets réels de lutte et d'élimination de toutes les violences faites aux femmes.

En la ciudad mexicana de Puebla, se han registrado cincuenta feminicidios en los últimos quince meses. El pasado 31 de diciembre falleció una niña de dieciséis años en Calcuta violada por siete hombres. Podría seguir narrando estas historias y se nos encogería el alma.

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Y, desgraciadamente, esta realidad no tiene nada que ver con cuestiones geográficas. En Europa también se sufre de la misma manera. Las cifras en España nos revelan que existe una media anual de denuncias de víctimas de violencia de género.

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En este año, en lo que llevamos de año, treinta y nueve mujeres han sido asesinadas a manos de sus maltratadores. Esto nos obliga a actuar de manera contundente. Es urgente ratificar la Convención de Estambul, pero no es menos urgente la necesidad de una directiva europea contra la violencia de género.

Sé que legislar no es la única solución, pero sí la manera de comprometerse y obligar a las instituciones públicas en la lucha contra la violencia contra las mujeres.

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Hablamos de vidas truncadas, de familias rotas, de futuros condenados al dolor. No es el momento de complacencias ni de excusas. Rompamos los silencios cómplices, porque nosotras también somos ellas. This equates to 62 million women. That is my Member State, the population of my country, represented in that number. While cases are reported and action is taken, there are still far too many instances where women are trapped, suffering in silence and with no conceivable way out.

Violence against women does not just apply to physical abuse.

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Pentru a redeschide magazinele, ne-am instruit echipele si le-am furnizat toate informatiile de care aveau nevoie pentru a avea grija de ei si de clientii nostri. Mai mult decat atat, pe langa respectarea masurilor de distantare sociala, vor purta masti si manusi, isi vor dezinfecta mainile in mod regulat la punctele de dezinfectare din magazine si li se va lua temperatura in fiecare zi, inainte sa intre in magazine. In zona caselor de marcat veti observa pe jos o serie de benzi.

Aceste benzi au fost folosite pentru a va arata exact unde trebuie sa va opriti atunci cand stati la rand pentru a achita.