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Este, de asemenea, un motiv bun pentru a nu utiliza chitantele citite. G M4 Carbine. As soon as you reach the 3rd floor, the Secret will be in the first room to your left. Secret Badge: Earned by finding, picking up and reaching a Chapter's end with a Secret item, always spawning as a Red Question Mark when first found and obtained. By the time you beat the Campaign, this will be unlocked. Chapter 10 - Police Station: Once again, a Keycard will be needed to proceed.

Up to 60 additional rounds can be carried per pistol. Medium damage, long effective range, high accuracy, variable rate of fire, very fast reload.

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Can be dual-wielded. Shoots more quietly, making stealth easier. High damage, long effective range, high accuracy, variable rate of fire, very fast reload. C Ingram MAC Holds 32 rounds per magazine, firing in 9x19mm. Your character can store up to additional rounds per gun on his person. Very fast reload, low to medium damage, short to medium effective range, good accuracy, very high rate of fire.

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Shares ammo reserves with the MP5K. D Sawed-off.

Shortened double-barrelled shotgun. Probably firing gauge shells, holding 2 at once and up to an additional 24 per gun on your person.

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Very high damage, short effective range, variable rate of fire, fast reload, poor accuracy past short to medium distance. Be careful when pairing this with the Mossberg - they will share the same ammo reserves.

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SMG firing 9x19mm rounds in round magazines, with up to an additional rounds being carried in reserve. High damage, high rate of fire, fast reload, poor to satisfactory accuracy, short effective range. Shares ammo reserves with the MAC F Mossberg Pump-action shotgun firing gauge shells.

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Very high damage, short to medium effective range, excellent accuracy, very low rate of fire, slow reload. Be careful when pairing this with the Sawed-off - they will share the same ammo reserves.

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G M4 Carbine. Fires 5.

You can carry up 80 additional rounds on you. Very high rate of fire, high damage, excellent accuracy, long effective range, medium-fast reload speed. Strong weapon, but runs out of harder-to-find ammo ghidul lui red piller pentru dating online.

H Baseball Bat. It's definitely made of wood. I Nailgun.

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Found mostly in Challenges, it can be dual-wielded and fires nails. Each one can store up to 30 nails in a single 'mag', but does not reload. When out of ammo, find a replacement or use your fists.

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Semi-automatic, very accurate, very long effective range, medium damage, low ammo capacity, very quiet. Most rare weapon after the Baseball Bat. If you've enjoyed this free game, consider giving it's publishers your support.

No doubt a little bit would go a long way toward encouraging further game fixes and improvements, not to mention a sequel.

Come on, you know you want one.

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ABC Die during the game's tutorial. If you don't get this by chance, just let an enemy shoot you in the face during your training and enjoy this hidden achievement. If you missed out the first time, start a New Game; doing so won't harm your progress, but will send you through training again.

Centuries of Damn Die times. This will come easily to most, especially when first learning the game's mechanics. Let this one tally in the background, focusing on other achievements instead.