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Since he has been employed at Politecnico di Torino in various positions collaborator, technician, etc. S-ar putea să fie foarte disciplinat și s-a axat în timpul zilei de lucru astfel încât să puteți rula în seara, sau pentru a juca boardgames fiecare week-end.

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InDaniela Rus received her Ph. Sinceprof. Sloan Foundation fellowship.

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Her statement on the future world is described as: "I imagine a future where robots are so integrated in the fabric of human life that they become as common as smart phones are today.

The field of robotics has the potential to greatly improve the quality of our lives at work, at home and at play. She is known for datând supervizorul dvs de doctorat work on self-reconfiguring robots, shape-shifting machines that have the ability to adapt to different environments by altering their internal geometric structure.

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They do this on their own, without remote control, for locomotion, manipulation, or sensing purposes. She has shown that these self-reconfigurable machines could be used in many situations where the possible obstacles and constraints on movement could not ever be fully anticipated in preprogrammed control software e.

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Professor Daniela Rus joined UPT as a keynote speaker at conference dedicated to digital education and artificial intelligence "Human and Artificial Intelligence for the Society of the Future". Since he has been employed at Politecnico di Torino in various positions collaborator, technician, etc.

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On the teaching level, Mr. Matekovits published two books in Romanian, at the Politechnic Publishing House, one of Microwaves and Electromagnetic Compatibility and a collection of Microwave problems. The professor also supported the doctoral school through direct guidance and publication of scientific papers in common with the participation of PHD students from UPT.

The programs carried out jointly were of the Socrates type and then Erasmus, since until now. Another type of collaboration was provided by the MCD type mobility programs granted by UEFISCDI to finance the movement of Romanian researchers from the diaspora to research institutions in Romania to support scientific research in the country.

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Matekovits as a guest.